Kettlebell Training Fitness Program Using Adjustable Bells of Weight

Kettlebell training is quickly gathering adherents all over the world, thanks to endorsements from big-name celebrity fitness trainers like Jillian Michaels and Kathy Smith. These days, fitness enthusiasts are beginning to realize that staying in shape is a lifelong process that requires long-term dedication and positive changes in lifestyle.

It’s no longer fashionable to refer to fitness programs as ‘boot camps’ or ‘warrior training sessions’ or some other equally ridiculous phrase. All the successful modern fitness programs do away with this idea of instant gratification and promote
concepts which foster a lifetime of good health and an injury-free lifestyle.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder that even the most ‘old school’ of training styles — kettlebell training — is being revamped and improved with an eye towards increasing the sustainability of the exercises and decreasing the risk of injury. These days, the smart kettlebell athletes use modern adjustable kettlebells. Unlike traditional bells which are nothing more than a cast iron ball with a stubby metal handle, adjustable kettlebells are designed from the ground up with the user’s safety in mind.

Since the weight is adjustable in sensible increments, there’s no need to make a massive jump in weight when moving from one kettlebell to the next heavier model. This means workout progress doesn’t stop; instead, it keeps coming without jarring to a halt when you outgrow a fixed-weight kettlebell.

Adjustability has another massive benefit over the obsolete fixed-weight bells. It means you can use one kettlebell for all your exercises. You don’t need to buy separate weights just to do swings and snatches in the same workout (for instance). The cost savings and performance benefits of such an approach to kettlebell fitness are overwhelming.

But there’s more to the newer styles than just adjustability. They’re easier (and safer) to use too, thanks to the wider handles and thinner grips. Designers looked at all the areas in which traditional bells failed their users, addressed these issues, and improved them to the point that a modern adjustable kettlebell is significantly superior to the old fashioned style it replaces.

So whether you go for a best seller like the Powerbell, or one of the more expensive models, you can be sure that modern technology and good design has combined to give you a kettlebell that will get you in shape the right way.

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