5 Ways to Get a Good Workout for Free

This is a guest post written by Mindy Claribel. Mindy runs, MyCCFinder a website that offers several discount codes, and hot deals on everything from home décor to your groceries.

We’ve seen it year after year, people wanting to get into shape starting January 1st. Although that’s a great goal to have, it’s even better if we can stick to it. Getting into shape isn’t just a one-time deal, but instead more of a “lifestyle change”.

People think the best way to get to that goal is by discipline themselves to go to the gym. Yes, the gym has several machines and equipment to get you in shape, but it won’t get you there until you are willing to make a change and to have motivation. Not to mention, having a gym membership can cost a lot of money each month. The high end gyms like Lifetime can easily cost you $60+ a month.

Instead of making yourself go to the gym, how about working out for free, all the while having fun? Getting in a good workout can easily be done on a day to day basis at no cost. Need some ideas? Continue reading below to find out.

Walk the dog: Walking the dog is great for the both of you. It allows you that time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors all while getting both of you to burn calories and bond. Your pup is always willing to go, so you can’t have the excuse that you have no one to go with.

Join a sports team: Joining a sports team is one of the best things you can do. It helps you build up your relationships with your friends and family members, helps you burn fat and is a great way to have fun. Whether you join a basketball team, volleyball team or you join a dance class, it’s always guaranteed a good time and a good workout.

Play with the kids: We always think about how we were so little when we were children and wish we were still in that good of shape. Well, you can be! Just do what kids do with your kids! Run around the park and play tag, play catch until it’s dark outside and go swimming until your all pruned up. These are all fun ways to spend time with your kids and are great ways to burn calories.

Go shopping: Head down to the mall! Walking around the mall is always great exercise and when you’re doing it, you’re not even thinking about exercising. By simply distracting yourself, you can keep walking to each store you love, while burning calories.

Clean: Our home is always in need of a good cleaning. Between dusting all the hardwood, vacuuming all the floors, doing laundry and picking up stuff around the house you can easily burn a few hundred calories! Not to mention, you’ll feel very accomplished because not only did you just work out, but your home is now clean as well.

There are several ways to burn calories for free. You don’t need a gym membership, and you certainly don’t have to pay to lose weight. Just have fun, get active and keep moving!

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