The Cost of Living the Good Life is a Lifetime of Fitness

Your personal cost of living the good life is managing your own lifetime of fitness. That’s it.

Learning how to manage your own unique fitness is more a matter of time than money. You can have all the money in the world and still not live the good life if you have an insufficient fitness level.

To begin your quest toward living the good life you must first understand what fitness really is. Fitness is a state of being. State of being is the physical condition your body is in at any given moment.

Your state of being this moment will be different the next. It is not a static state. It is a state that is in constant flux with a single goal. A steady state, aka the good life.

Movement is a basis for sustaining your life. Absent help, if you can’t move, you will not survive. Survival requires movement, and so much can go wrong with your ability to move.

Managing your steady state of being for the good life means preparing your body beyond minimal life sustaining requirements. Think of it as a savings account of fitness that provides a cushion to all of life’s stresses. The time you contribute preparing for the future keeps the good life going during times of difficulty.

Living your life with a savings account of fitness means the good life is maintained no matter what comes your way. In the event you give little time and consideration to your level of fitness you will find yourself in debt to physical stress.

The good life has no inclusion for fitness debt. When you have a movement issue, discover the cause and adjust your lifestyle according to its cure. Bottom line is to keep moving, in spite of yourself.

Take advantage of your opportunity to live a good life by paying the cost through a lifetime of fitness before something arrives to plunge you into an unsteady “fitness debt” state.

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